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Artisan Belfast Cheesemongers

Artisan Belfast Cheesemongers

The Beauty Of Artisan Cheese

It is essential to distinguish between artisan and all other types of cheeses and as Belfast Cheesemongers we decided to write this short blog in order to help you understand the true meaning of cheese. Artisan cheeses are handmade, usually by local independent cheese producers. They use traditional methods that have no adaptations for efficiency. Artisan means a skilled trade worker who usually makes things by hand or using non-mechanized methods. It uses high-quality products.


The cheese-making process is overseen by Artisan cheesemakers who are passionate about it. They maintain the highest standards and put a strong emphasis on quality.

Tom and Ollie is proud to offer a wide range of artisan cheeses Choose from over 150+ fine gourmet cheeses including a delicious Dutch Gouda, stinky bishop, creamy French Brie. We want to celebrate Artisan Cheese as the best in the world!

Searching For The Best Artisan Cheese

We research the cheese farm before selecting cheese for Tom and Ollie to include the cheese processing, and the types of cheeses that the Artisan makes. Real artisanal cheeses use unpasteurized milk from animals raised on a single farm.

Organic cheeses are most often organic because of the strict standards they adhere to in order to preserve quality. No artificial ingredients or treatments are used at any stage of the cheese-making process, from animal husbandry to actual cheese production. All cheese makers have been certified humane and some even give credit to the animals for contributing to which cheeses they make.

What are the other cheeses?

To cover all cheese options, you will be familiar with the term "processed cheese" This cheese is a food product made from cheese and unfermented dairy ingredients mixed with emulsifiers . Artisanal cheese is made from scratch and does not require any machines or computers to manage. While many processed cheeses are made from real milk, some will also use chemical additives to preserve, color and flavor the cheese.

Artisan Cheese

The color, texture and flavor of artisan cheeses can change over time, which is not ideal for high production. Artisan cheeses won't contain artificial additives. They will also not have labels that state "contains partially or fully hydrogenated fats and oils". Real artisanal cheese is made with milk, starter cultures or plant coagulant and sometimes natural coloring or a mold culture.

Although processed cheese is not bad tasting, it has a unique flavor that will not surprise. However, the flavor will not change from the time it was made until the moment you consume it. Artisan cheese, like wine, is affected by the environment they are exposed to, what they eat and how they are treated. There is no one cheese like the other. Which type of milk did it come from? Goat, buffalo, cow, sheep? Which country was it manufactured and a lot more.

These variables make the cheese world huge. This is why Artisan is the best. These blogs will allow us to share our knowledge and make new discoveries about the world of artisan cheese. If you have any questions for Tom and Ollie we are easy to find so please do get in touch as we love to hear from you.


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