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Mezze makes for the perfect appetizer and we offer you a fine selection of over 50+ Mezze products. Choose from: olives, slow roasted tomatoes, artichokes, peppers, stuffed peppers, capers, Greek Dolmades and so much more, we have you covered for your Mezze needs in N. Ireland

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Mixed Red & Yellow Teardrop Peppers


Mezze 1kg Party Pack


Roman Style Artichokes with Olive Oil


Red Teardrop Peppers


Yellow Teardrop Peppers


Moroccan Sweet Cherry Peppers


African Sweet Red Peppers


Moroccan Preserved Lemons


Capers by Edmond Fallot (Jar)


Spicy Red Lily Peppers by Tiger Lily


Spicy Mixed Lily Peppers


Yellow Lily Peppers


Sweet Red Lily Peppers (Jar)


Spicy Red Lily Peppers


Cherry Bell Peppers


El Navarrico Pimentos Del Piquillo de Lodosa


Greek Dolmades


Fire Roasted Peppers


Cornichons, Baby Dills & Baby Cucumbers




Pepperlicious Peppers Stuffed With Cheese


Cheese Stuffed Peppers 1kg Party Pack


Wild Italian Mushroom Mix

From  £8.00

Wedding Cake Cheese Wheels (Special Order)

From  £150.00

Garlic Stuffed Greek Olives by Tom & Ollie


Green Colossal Pitted Olives by Tom & Ollie


Pitted Maroc Dried Olives by Tom & Ollie


Green Whole Olives by Tom & Ollie


Whole Maroc Dried Olives by Tom & Ollie


Tuscan Sun Olive Mix by Tom & Ollie


Pepper Stuffed Olives by Tom & Ollie


Green Olives Stuffed with Almonds by Tom & Ollie


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